In a period of significant international challenges, H-ONE is well positioned to work through all challenges, identify opportunities and engage with businesses toward a new and viable direction.

Hospitality, tourism and accommodation businesses have no choice but to review their business models. What was before will not be the same again, presenting a one-off opportunity to reimagine, to reinvent and reinvigorate how we do business. 

Accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes, bars, tourism operations – all need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • How will I operate my business under new and sustained social distancing requirements?
  • Will my business be different to what it was, what needs to change as far as product, service offering and operations are concerned?
  • What will this new operating and financial business model look like, how do I restructure to be viable, profitable and attractive?

H-ONE will provide unbiased, specific and accurate advice to take any business in the right direction today for tomorrow. Specific to this new era, H-ONE will assist and focus on:

  • A detailed current business review, operations, market, expenses, threats
  • Identify options for what a new direction may look like, one which will grow
  • Determine what a new market may be, what the opportunities are and how to be proactive
  • Develop a new business model, not what has been in place but what is appropriate now
  • Preparation of a specific COVID-19 Response & Crisis Management Plan
  • Question all products and services – are they necessary, relevant, cost effective, profitable
  • Go into all business costs, identify practical savings, ascertain the most prudent way  to operate
  • Detailed revenue management for accommodation, MICE, food and beverage
  • Determine a Great Plan to see the your enterprise succeed

The key planks of H-ONE  –  Optimise, Develop and Reimagine  –  could not be more relevant now to any hospitality, tourism and accommodation business. 

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