In the current and post 2020 ‘Brave New World’ significant challenges have presented themselves and H-ONE is well positioned to work through those challenges, identify opportunities and engage with businesses to take a new and viable direction forward. Now.

Hospitality, tourism and accommodation businesses have no choice but to review their business models. What was before will not be the same anymore, presenting a one-off opportunity to reimagine, to reinvent and reinvigorate how we do business.  Every aspect must be reviewed.

Accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes, bars, tourism operations – all need to ask themselves the following questions:

  • How will I operate my business under new and sustained social distancing requirements?
  • Will my business be different to what it was, what needs to change as far as product, service offering and operations are concerned?
  • What will this new operating and financial business model look like, how do I restructure to be viable, profitable and attractive?

H-ONE is well placed to provided unbiased, specific and accurate advice to take any business in the right direction today for tomorrow. Key is to start seeking advice now, commence the planning process now, prepare for a new business dynamic now and be in the strongest position to meet all challenges head-on. 

Specific to our brave new world, H-ONE can assist and focus on:

  • A detailed current business review, operations, market, expenses, threats
  • Identify options for what a new direction could look like, one which will grow
  • Determine what a new market may be, what the opportunities are and how to be proactive
  • Develop a new business model, not what has been in place but what is appropriate now
  • Preparation of a specific COVID-19 Response & Crisis Management Plan
  • Question all products and services – are they necessary, relevant, cost effective, profitable
  • Go into all business costs, identify practical savings, ascertain the most prudent way  to operate
  • Detailed revenue management for accommodation, MICE food and beverage
  • Determine a Great Plan to see the business or enterprise succeed

The key planks of H-ONE  –  Optimise, Develop and Reimagine  –  could not be more relevant now to any hospitality, tourism and accommodation business. 

Be it a small or large business, individual or multiple, city or regional, private, corporate or Government, H-ONE will engage with all businesses assisting them to take a viable direction forward into the so-called new normal.

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