H–ONE is a specialist consultancy created to meet the  demands on hospitality, accommodation and tourism businesses to increase revenue and profitability, and to inspire the creation of stand-out products with unique and exceptional customer experiences.


Owners and operators of hospitality, accommodation and tourism business benefit greatly from the optimisation services of H–ONE. Individual operators, mid-size hotels, accommodation groups, luxury hotels and resorts, boutique lodges and tourism organisations seek specialised advice to optimise top-line revenue and business performance.

  • Financial, operating, competitor, marketing and revenue management analysis
  • Online presence, OTA utilisation, enterprise perception within the market
  • Identify core opportunities to engender revenue and market growth
  • Appraisal of operational processes, human capital expertise and opportunity
  • Strategic, business, operating, sales and marketing plan preparation
  • Industry benchmarking, comparative analysis, identify attainable positioning
  • Active Revenue Management – holistic revenue management model, remote, on-site
  • Operating management services, recruitment and training of key personnel
  • Partnership option with H–ONE for immediate to ongoing term, driving optimisation


Specialists in the field of working with and guiding developers through the key planning stages of new business enterprises, H–ONE ensures any project is firmly in the right direction from the outset. Be it a new development, acquisition or conversion H–ONE provides impartial advice and support to place the project on a firm footing and realise the intended outcomes and results.

  • Review of proposed development concept with owner, architect, stakeholders
  • Critical analysis of development to ascertain marketability and financial viability
  • Determine blend of stakeholders intent is in-line with market and commercial reality
  • Ascertain operational, intended customer impact points are desirous and viable
  • Stakeholder presentation of high-level recommendations for development direction
  • Collaboration with architects, designers to fulfil owners and stakeholders vision
  • Coordination of all development stakeholders, including relevant authorities
  • Ongoing development advisory services, including full Project Management undertaking
  • Pre-opening and FF&E preparation, business, operating, sales and marketing plans


H–ONE reimagines all options for existing hospitality, accommodation and tourism businesses to assist in a new direction forward, especially in the current and post 2020 ‘Brave New World’. Too often operations may be wheel-spinning or not cognisant of commercial opportunities; H–ONE will take the lead and work with owners and operators to realise their full potential.

  • Critical review of current enterprise, in particular its positioning in the market
  • Step away and look what could be done, where could enterprise be taken
  • Identify opportunities not otherwise perceived to take enterprise in new direction
  • Ascertain promise of opportunity, increased revenue and profitability
  • Appraisal of external threats, opportunities both operationally and financially
  • Preparation of comprehensive Reimagine Business and Operating Plan
  • Present concept, opportunities and financial modelling of reimagined enterprise
  • Partnership option with H–ONE following through reimagine process to completion
  • Incorporation of optimisation aspects, ongoing evaluation
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